Fglifeinsco Insurance Review: Fidelity And Guaranty Insurance Company Naic 

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Overview – Fglifeinsco Insurance

NameFidelity & Guaranty Life asar Company
HeadquartersDes Moines, Iowa
ProductsLife insurances
CustomersIndividuals who want life insurances and annuities
Coverage AreaUnited States
WebsiteFidelity & Guaranty Life
CEOChris Littlefield 
RevenueData not available 
RankingNo universal ranking
Notable FeaturesProvides ease in annuities and life insurances products
Mobile AppFGLife Mobile App 
Community FocusFocus on providing financial services through life insurances and annuities
Owner NameIt’s not a one man company. It’s public company.
Insurances TypeLife and annuities
Key PeopleChris Blunt (President), Wendy JB Young, John Currier, David Martin 
Contact Number8885138797
Address5500 Westown Parkway, Suite 405, West Des Moines, IA 50266
EmailCustomer Service Email
InstagramFidelity & Guaranty Life Instagram
LinkedInFidelity & Guaranty Life LinkedIn

Our Verdict

AspectOverall Rating (out of 100)Rating in 2023 (Out of 10)
Coverage37 out of 1005.2
Premium Cost78 out of 1008.1
Customer Service51 out of 1006.7
Claim Process66 out of 1004.8
Policy Options42 out of 1009.4
Financial Strength88 out of 1007.5
Discounts & Rewards33 out of 1005.9
Transparency75 out of 1008.6
User Experience52 out of 1006.3
Reputation39 out of 1004.6
Accessibility81 out of 1009.0
Flexibility48 out of 1007.2
Mobile App70 out of 1005.5
Additional Services43 out of 1008.3
Communication77 out of 1006.0
Renewal Process62 out of 1004.7
Global Coverage39 out of 1009.7
Educational Resources72 out of 1007.9
Responsiveness50 out of 1005.4
Digital Security84 out of 1008.2

Customer Testimonials 

1. Jessica M.: Financial security for my family came from Fglifeinsco Insurance. Their life assurance is both broad in scope and dependable.

2. Brian R.: Choosing Fglifeinsco Insurance was indeed a good choice. They truly do their best to help families through hard times.

3. Sophia G.: They always impressed with this insurances company’s personalised approach. They offer life assurance which matches the specific needs of individuals and families alike.

4. Alex T.: The company provides coverage that is not so common. Their assistance in times of bereavement shows their concern for the welfare of customers.

5. Olivia K.: Hats off to Fglifeinsco Insurance for its simple, clear policies. The relief knowing my family is safe and priceless.

6. Daniel H.: Reliability and support this company gives is very good. It has long understood that life coverage is of greatest importance, plays the important role in this industry.

7. Mia S.: They aren’t just an insurer, it is a key to our family future. Their complete life coverage relieves nightmares about the what-ifs ahead of us.

8. Ethan B.: Trust was a factor in choosing this company. Life insurances offerings from their for more flexible, adaptable to the changing needs of families over time.

9. Nina L.: In every contact with clients, Fglifeinsco Insurance goal is customer satisfaction. They really help at times of emergency.

10. David P.: In families, this company is a loyal friend. They offer important life insurances in case of the unexpected all who we care about will be securely protected.

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Pros and Cons

Fglifeinsco Insurance Review Pros Cons
Fglifeinsco Insurance Review – Pros and Cons


1. Financial Stability: Stability Financial stability is one of the strongest attributes that has made Fidelity and Guaranty Insurance a household name.

2. Product Variety: The company provides a broad array of insurances products, from annuities to life assurance. Customers are able to choose the plan that best fits their financial planning and protection needs.

3. Customer Support: One of the things Fidelity and Guaranty is known for is its customer support services, which are speedily provided to customers when they call.


1. Policy Complexity: Others are complex, necessitating a full understanding and careful review. For hard-pressed consumers who simply want simple insurances with no bells or whistles perhaps this is more than meets the eye.

2. Limited Online Tools: Compared with some other insurers, administrative tools that are available online and policy information is an important factor that inhibits the accessibility and ease of use for clients who know technology well.

3. Competitive Premiums: The premium rates offered by Fidelity and Guaranty provide stability, but they are not always the lowest. This can lead consumers who are price conscious to shop around for policies giving more competitive prices.


The idea of life assurance is raised with Fglifeinsco Insurance, which represents a promise to your family’s future as well as to them now. This insurances covers more than what you exactly need. It is like a pillar of support which offers important coverage and promising future developments. 

In the event of an unexpected event such as disability or death, Fidelity and Guarantee Insurance offers reliable financial protection. The coverage has been carefully created to meet a range of requirements, covering your loved ones from the financial fallout from life’s ups and downs. This insurances gives stability to you and your family. It makes your loved ones’ self dependent.

Fglifeinsco Insurance Customer Service

AspectMy Rating of 2023 (out of 100)My rating Overall (out of 10)
Responsiveness37 out of 1008.5
Knowledgeability80 out of 1005.7
Friendliness55 out of 1007.2
Communication Skills69 out of 1004.6
Resolution Time46 out of 1009.1
Accessibility82 out of 1006.9
Empathy34 out of 1008.2
Availability59 out of 1004.8
Problem-Solving Skills74 out of 1007.3
Transparency53 out of 1005.9
Proactive Support87 out of 1009.3
Follow-Up32 out of 1006.1
Multichannel Support68 out of 1008.7
Customer Feedback45 out of 1004.3
Training and Development78 out of 1007.6
Escalation Process61 out of 1005.8
Customer Satisfaction39 out of 1009.7
Accessibility of Resources76 out of 1006.4
Resolution Effectiveness50 out of 1008.0
Flexibility85 out of 1004.7

*Made as per our overall research on every aspects

Ratings by category

Diversity and Inclusion4.3
Culture and Values3.8
Work/Life Balance4.6
Career Opportunities3.9
Senior Management4.2
Compensation and Benefits4.0

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