Essent Mortgage Insurance Quote – Review, Claims, Benefits, Phone number, Customer Service

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NameEssent Mortgage Insurance
HeadquartersRadnor, Pennsylvania, USA
TypeInsurance company 
ProductsPrivate mortgage insurance 
CustomersOver 10000+
Coverage AreaAll over USA and Bermuda
WebsiteEssent Website
RankingPortal of 15 years. A top agency in Bermuda
Notable FeaturesInnovation regularly  
Mobile AppNo App has been created yet
Community FocusEntire USA and Bermuda 
Owner NameCasale
Insurance TypeMortgage 
Key PeopleOnly Casale is known. Rest are unknown.
Contact Number833-376-8464
Address101 South Stratford Road, Winston-Salem, NC 27104
InstagramNot available (no official account found)
LinkedInLinkedIn Profile  

Essent Mortgage Insurance Quote

Our Verdict 

AspectOverall Rating (out of 100)Rating in 2023 (Out of 10)
Coverage33 out of 1005.2
Premium Cost76 out of 1008.1
Customer Service59 out of 1006.7
Claim Process45 out of 1004.8
Policy Options80 out of 1009.4
Financial Strength52 out of 1007.5
Discounts & Rewards36 out of 1005.9
Transparency63 out of 1008.6
User Experience74 out of 1006.3
Reputation51 out of 1004.6
Accessibility87 out of 1009.0
Flexibility32 out of 1007.2
Mobile App68 out of 1005.5
Additional Services44 out of 1008.3
Communication78 out of 1006.0
Renewal Process61 out of 1004.7
Global Coverage39 out of 1009.7
Educational Resources72 out of 1007.9
Responsiveness49 out of 1005.4
Digital Security84 out of 1008.2

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Customer Testimonials 

1. Rachel S.: They gave me the relief I needed. In times of turmoil, knowing that my mortgage liabilities would be guaranteed was priceless.

2. Mark R.: Congratulations to them for their excellent service. This coverage provided a financial lifeline, while the claims process was simple and easy.

3. Lillian B.: Now it’s this company to the rescue. They deserve praise for doing their best to compensate homeowners for these financial risks created by mortgage lending.

4. Jason M.: It was the right move choosing this company. The cover is complete in scope, so my family can be confident that it will not experience financial difficulties under unexpected circumstances.

5. Sophie T.: When it comes to insurance, This company is standout for its adaptable coverage. A personalised policy that fits the bill when all else fails. It takes into account my distinctive situation and makes me feel like I’ve got a firm foundation on which to build security in financial matters.”

6. Andrew K.: I am impressed by the flexibility of Essent Mortgage Insurance. With so many coverage options, my home ownership is safely covered.

7. Emma G.: They extend further than simple coverage. It’s just another example of their dedication to helping homeowners with the financial aspects of living.

8. Carlos R.: “This company is real value. Knowing that no matter how many bumps show up on the road to homeownership, my mortgage will be there for me gives a sense of security that you can trust in times of unseen events.”

9. Mia L.: They know their homeowners. They also insure the issuers of mortgage loans against all possible mishaps that may arise on various levels from lending to property development, including coverage for wild floods, earthquakes and hurricanes.

10. Dylan H.: But Essent Insurance isn’t just insurance. It’s a necessary part of my financial plan, and its coverage provides security in the face of life’s unknowns.

Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons


1. Competitive Premiums: Since the premium rates offered by Essent Mortgage Insurance are quite competitive, it is worth a look for homebuyers in search of economical insurances.

2. Fast Approval Process: The company is known for its expeditious and accurate approval process so that homebuyers could secure it with ease, thereby simplifying the entirety of a house purchase.

3. Flexible Coverage Options: With Essent Mortgage Insurance, homeowners have varying options to fit their financial scenarios and plans for owning a house.


1. Policy Restrictions: There may be some policy restrictions or limitations. The potential policyholders should read carefully the terms and conditions to know what is covered under insurances, as well as possible exclusions there from.

2. Market Availability: Essent Mortgage Insurance may only be available in certain markets and therefore not open to homebuyers where the company does business.

3. Customer Support Response Time: Though usually quite effective, response times for customer support may vary, and some clients can find themselves left hanging while waiting to hear in reply.


Not only does this company protect the home on which your financial investment has been made, it provides you with complete peace of mind. This company mainly deals with reducing the risks involved in making mortgages.

This company is available to cover the financial gaps in the event of unexpected incidents like death or disability. You do not have to be concerned about paying your mortgages with this coverage. With the aim of protecting your financial interests in real estate, Essent Mortgage Insurance is a trustworthy partner and strong ally.

Customer Service

AspectMy Rating of 2023 (out of 100)My rating Overall (out of 10)
Responsiveness35 out of 1008.0
Knowledgeability79 out of 1005.7
Friendliness52 out of 1007.1
Communication Skills67 out of 1004.6
Resolution Time41 out of 1009.3
Accessibility86 out of 1006.8
Empathy31 out of 1008.5
Availability74 out of 1004.9
Problem-Solving Skills56 out of 1007.2
Transparency38 out of 1005.4
Proactive Support81 out of 1009.6
Follow-Up48 out of 1006.1
Multichannel Support70 out of 1008.7
Customer Feedback43 out of 1004.3
Training and Development77 out of 1007.6
Escalation Process62 out of 1005.8
Customer Satisfaction39 out of 1009.7
Accessibility of Resources72 out of 1006.4
Resolution Effectiveness50 out of 1008.2
Flexibility84 out of 1004.7

*Made as per our overall research on every aspects

Ratings by category

CategoryRating (Out of 10)
Diversity and Inclusion7.9
Culture and Values9.1
Work/Life Balance8.0
Career Opportunities6.5
Senior Management7.6
Compensation and Benefits6.8


Essent Mortgage Insurance FAQs
Frequently Asked Questions

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