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Overview – Ethos Insurance

NameEthos Insurance 
FoundedInformation not available 
Headquarters2200 Renaissance Boulevard, Suite 340, King of Prussia, PA 19406
TypeInsurance company 
ProductsVarious financial plans. Especially Gap Insurance.
Coverage AreaAll over USA
WebsiteEthos Website 
CEOInaam Ziyadeh
Notable FeaturesGap Insurance 
Mobile AppNo App has been published yet
Community FocusEntire USA. Pennsylvania to be precise
Owner NameInaam Ziyadeh 
Insurance TypeGeneral 
Key PeopleOnly Inaam Ziyadeh is known. Rest are unknown.
Contact Number4848897270
Address2200 Renaissance Boulevard, Suite 340, King of Prussia, PA 19406
InstagramInstagram Profile
LinkedInLinkedIn Profile  

Our Verdict – Ethos Insurance

AspectOverall Rating (out of 100)Rating in 2023 (Out of 10)
Coverage40 out of 1007.8
Premium Cost78 out of 1005.3
Customer Service54 out of 1008.7
Claim Process69 out of 1004.9
Policy Options43 out of 1009.2
Financial Strength87 out of 1006.4
Discounts & Rewards32 out of 1008.1
Transparency72 out of 1004.5
User Experience56 out of 1007.1
Reputation38 out of 1005.6
Accessibility81 out of 1009.6
Flexibility49 out of 1006.2
Mobile App65 out of 1008.3
Additional Services42 out of 1004.7
Communication76 out of 1007.5
Renewal Process60 out of 1006.0
Global Coverage37 out of 1009.4
Educational Resources75 out of 1006.8
Responsiveness48 out of 1008.4
Digital Security83 out of 1004.6

Customer Testimonials 

1. Sarah B.: More than life selection, This company is a promise to the future of my family. With their hands-on style they can intervene in all aspects at will, including vulnerable links like pips and fruits (stems) which I cannot cover fully here yet might be able to later on Source: Love for Cancer Charity

2. Alex M.: The customer care executives are very good in behaviour. They talk and answer very nicely. This is one of the reasons why I love this company. I recommend people to go for this agency.

3. Eva W.: This was my right choice to select this coverage. Choosing the ethos is an ordination based on trust, and it offers a systematic life cover per family.

4. Jordan L.: They are partners for life planning. Even throughout our changing family, we never lacked the coverage that suited just the right sound like?

5. Ryan H.: Congratulations to This company for demystifying the life insurances process. I appreciate that it came with plenty of hell-or-high water warnings and disclaimers, but simplicity integrated throughout was just what I needed in order to make an easy decision on something so important.

6. Megan P.: This company is clear. Whether it’s getting a better hold on policy options or filling out an application, their company attentiveness shines through in every regard.

7. David S.: Their caring for our family The depth of their concern, though they give the appearance only. Beyond numbers to locate someone with raging meeyat…..

8. Nina G.: Ethos Insurance is making life insurances available. Their accessibility, which comes at an affordable price and respectable value to their customers in this business dominated by brokerages with too-good-to be true deals (but I don’t believe that), certainly distinguishes them from the pack.

9. Chris R.: “This company knows that families have changing needs. We cover a variety of life insurances products, offering greater adaptability to changes in your own,” lieyd

10. Emily D.: This company is more than just an insurer. It’s like a family friend, one that worries about our future and protects it. They invest every step of the way in client satisfaction.

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Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons


1. Simplified Application Process: Applications at Ethos Insurance are straightforward and convenient. Gone is the complicated language that leaves so many individuals confused when they apply for life insurances, which leads them to opt out of coverage altogether.

2. No Medical Exam Options: As no-medical-exam life insurances, the company can save applicants from a protracted health assessment process. Besides youngsters who might not be planning to buy this or older people with gazillions of takers for their body parts and little interest in spending two hours stuck with nagging p fucks as they still have it better than some other old fellows now standing here

3. Transparent Policies: Ultimate objective is to emphasise transparency. Ethos strives to make policyholders understand precisely what their coverage, terms and premiums are so they will know clearly how much protection they have purchased from the very beginning; otherwise there could be no such feeling of trust or confidence in an arrangement.


1. Coverage Limits: Some of them will have ceilings to some extent, which can’t fulfil people who want more coverage. So if you need really better protection than that type of assurance can give you then the policyholders may sometimes turn elsewhere in ancestor worship itself for supplementary cover This is how many agency houses with these policies operate today; they are not all bad.

2. Limited Policy Customization: It is convenient, but the application process’s simplicity may limit people’s ability to choose customised policy terms. Therefore as long as pricing remains competitive and various benefits are available in a range of frequency levels (front-line protection), this actually fills gaps greater than that observed hitherto.

3. Availability Constraints: Ethos Insurance is not available in all regions, so it may be difficult to access for those outside the range of its operations.


Ethos Insurance takes life insurances a step further, providing good services with the wellbeing and peace of mind of you and your family in mind. In fact, a simple point that Ethos gets is life insurances isn’t just another duty. Life insurances is to raise your own profile in society while also promoting the care for and responsibility you bear toward your family later on.

Coverage goes beyond the routine; it is just an extra layer of financial security to protect you against life’s tough times. Ethos’ flexible, customizable options mean that life insurance can fit in perfectly with your individual situation. Its dedication to providing its members and their families peace of mind has drawn praise from everyone who enrols. One step closer toward giving yourself a realistic sense of security for the people you love most. It also gives daily reassurance about what’s important in Career and life and is already making this possible throughout.

Customer Service

AspectMy Rating of 2023 (out of 100)My rating Overall (out of 10)
Responsiveness34 out of 1005.2
Knowledgeability79 out of 1008.1
Friendliness51 out of 1006.7
Communication Skills66 out of 1004.8
Resolution Time45 out of 1009.4
Accessibility86 out of 1007.5
Empathy33 out of 1005.9
Availability71 out of 1008.6
Problem-Solving Skills58 out of 1006.3
Transparency39 out of 1004.6
Proactive Support82 out of 1009.0
Follow-Up47 out of 1007.2
Multichannel Support64 out of 1005.5
Customer Feedback40 out of 1008.3
Training and Development75 out of 1006.0
Escalation Process63 out of 1004.7
Customer Satisfaction36 out of 1009.7
Accessibility of Resources74 out of 1007.9
Resolution Effectiveness49 out of 1005.4
Flexibility85 out of 1008.2

*Made as per our overall research on every aspects

Ratings by category

Diversity and Inclusion4.1
Culture and Values4.6
Work/Life Balance2.9
Career Opportunities3.1
Senior Management3.4
Compensation and Benefits4.5


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