Ernie Johnson Insurance Agency – Review, Claims, Benefits, Phone number, Customer Service

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NameErnie Johnson Insurance Agency 
HeadquartersPleasantville, New Jersey, United States
TypeInsurances agency
ProductsVarious insurances
CustomersOver 1000+
Coverage AreaAll over USA
WebsiteProfile on Progressive
CEOSame as owner
RankingPortal of 9 years. long way to go.
Notable FeaturesVarious Insurances Options 
Mobile AppNo App has been created yet
Community FocusEntire USA
Owner NameErnie Johnson 
Insurance TypeGeneral and health are primary focus.
Key PeopleOnly Earlier Johnson is known. Rest are unknown.
Contact Number+1 609-236-3579
Address714 N New Rd, Pleasantville, NJ 08232, United States
EmailNot available
InstagramNot available (no official account found)
LinkedInEarnie Johnson Profile 

Pros and Cons – Ernie Johnson Insurance Agency

Ernie Johnson Insurance Agency Pros and Cons
Pros and Cons


1. Personalised Service: The agency is proud of its service, working to adapt a one-size-fits all model so that the insurances solution best fits client needs.

2. Diverse Coverage Options: Ernie Johnson Insurance Agency offers a wide range of coverage, so you’ve got the flexibility to decide on policies that suit your needs whether they be home and auto or specialty.

3. Transparent Communication: Transparency is promoted as the agency makes clear to clients what its policy, terms and conditions are.


1. Potentially Higher Premiums: For even more personalised service and expanded coverage, clients should be willing to pay a slightly higher premium cost.

2. Limited Online Accessibility: In emphasising personalised service, the agency’s dependence on old-fashioned communication techniques could make it less attractive to techno lovers who want more online involvement and self-service.

3. Geographical Constraints: Because the agency’s operations are concentrated in certain regions, clients who do not live within these areas may find accessibility limited.


With Ernie Johnson Insurance Agency balanced approach to auto coverage, we are always at your side on the road. In essence, this extends beyond just protection; it’s a robust barrier against the unknown of running cars. Financial security for accidents, regardless of size, Comprehensive coverage plays a leading role. 

Liability protection plays another vital role, meaning that bodily injury or property damage inflicted on others does not turn into a financial liability for you. When it comes to automotive security, Ernie Johnson Insurance Agency is in a class of its own. It provides peace of mind and precisely the kind of protection you need for yourself is no more, no less.

Our Verdict

AspectOverall Rating (out of 100)Rating in 2023 (Out of 10)
Coverage37 out of 1008.5
Premium Cost80 out of 1005.7
Customer Service55 out of 1007.2
Claim Process69 out of 1004.6
Policy Options46 out of 1009.1
Financial Strength82 out of 1006.9
Discounts & Rewards34 out of 1008.2
Transparency59 out of 1004.8
User Experience74 out of 1007.3
Reputation53 out of 1005.9
Accessibility87 out of 1009.3
Flexibility32 out of 1006.1
Mobile App68 out of 1008.7
Additional Services45 out of 1004.3
Communication78 out of 1007.6
Renewal Process61 out of 1005.8
Global Coverage39 out of 1009.7
Educational Resources76 out of 1006.4
Responsiveness50 out of 1008.0
Digital Security85 out of 1004.7

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Customer Testimonials 

1. Jennifer M.: I choose this company for auto insurances. Their all-embracing style made it easy to repair the car, and frankly I approve of their work.

2. Kevin L.: Kudos to this firm, which answered so quickly and saved us; wonderful support from their staff.

3. Sarah H.: They helped make a difficult situation bearable. Coverage, moreover, was greater than forecast and procedures for dealing with damages were well-structured.

4. Ethan B.: Ernie Johnson Insurance Agency is very open about everything. There they explained my coverage options to me and I feel confident in auto insurances.

5. Natalie G.: The company is not simply an insurer, but a partner in the process. Its entire coverage means that wherever I drive, my vehicle is covered.

6. Chris W.: But our choice to choose the company turned out to be a good one. Their customer orientation really shows, so the whole insurances process is a breeze.

7. Monica R.: The company’s Proper auto coverage is a must. The company’s personal service sets it apart from the others.

8. Alexandra S.: Shocked by the efficiency of Ernie Johnson Insurance agency. When the time came that I had to make a claim, their people got cracking and things ended up going smoothly.

9. Derek P.: They do what they say. Their coverage options are clear, and their emphasis on client service puts them ahead of the pack.

10. Hannah C.: I trust the company . Their comprehensive protection for my vehicle, coupled with their superior customer service style makes them by far the best choice.

Customer Service 

AspectMy Rating of 2023 (out of 100)My rating Overall (out of 10)
Responsiveness41 out of 1007.6
Knowledgeability73 out of 1005.3
Friendliness58 out of 1008.9
Communication Skills36 out of 1004.8
Resolution Time79 out of 1009.2
Accessibility52 out of 1006.7
Empathy88 out of 1008.1
Availability65 out of 1004.5
Problem-Solving Skills47 out of 1007.3
Transparency84 out of 1005.9
Proactive Support31 out of 1009.6
Follow-Up68 out of 1006.2
Multichannel Support55 out of 1008.3
Customer Feedback42 out of 1004.4
Training and Development76 out of 1007.8
Escalation Process63 out of 1006.0
Customer Satisfaction38 out of 1009.5
Accessibility of Resources70 out of 1006.5
Resolution Effectiveness49 out of 1008.4
Flexibility82 out of 1004.6

*Made as per our overall research on every aspects

Ratings by category

Diversity and Inclusion3.6
Culture and Values3.7
Work/Life Balance4.1
Career Opportunities3.8
Senior Management4.1
Compensation and Benefits4.1


FAQs for Ernie Johnson Insurance Agency
Ernie Johnson Insurance Agency – FAQ

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