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Overview – Dziga Insurance

NameDziga Insurance
HeadquartersLeon Valley, Texas 
TypeInsurance agency
ProductsAuto insurance
CustomersOver 1000+
Coverage AreaAll over USA
CEOStan Dzeiga
Revenue2 Million USD
RankingNo Rankings have been made yet in the field 
Notable FeaturesAuto Insurance in budget price 
Mobile AppNo App has been created yet
Community FocusEntire USA
Owner NameStan and Debbie Dziga
Insurance TypeAuto insurance as primary focus. May be offering other types too.
Key PeopleStan and Debbie Dziga (owners)Jose Barba (Site Manager)Jessica Nunez and Vitalii Vozniak (Top employees)
Contact Number(210) 377-0665
Address7500 Eckhert Rd. Ste 400, San Antonio, TX
EmailNot available
InstagramNot available (no official account found)
LinkedInStan and Debbie Dziga

Our Verdict 

AspectOverall Rating (out of 100)Rating in 2023 (Out of 10)
Coverage62 out of 1005.2
Premium Cost41 out of 1008.7
Customer Service83 out of 1006.4
Claim Process55 out of 1004.9
Policy Options72 out of 1007.6
Financial Strength30 out of 1009.3
Discounts & Rewards94 out of 1005.8
Transparency68 out of 1007.2
User Experience79 out of 1004.5
Reputation45 out of 1008.1
Accessibility89 out of 1006.7
Flexibility59 out of 1009.0
Mobile App36 out of 1004.2
Additional Services88 out of 1008.5
Communication74 out of 1006.1
Renewal Process67 out of 1009.8
Global Coverage91 out of 1005.5
Educational Resources51 out of 1007.9
Responsiveness85 out of 1004.7
Digital Security49 out of 1008.3

Customer Testimonials 

1. Michael D.: “I’m covered all the way home by the portal. If it weren’t for their complete protection, a collision could have cost me pretty dearly.”

2. Sophia M.: “Great claim process and customer service. They insured me for my accident with smoothest of processes. The communicate well, stay on top of things themselves, and really look out for their clients’ interests.”

3. David R.: “They fill you with confidence. Their liability protection made sure I wasn’t stuck financially when a bad thing happened to me. Talk about recommended.”

4. Emma H.: “I’m thankful to Dziga Insurance for their flexibility. Optional coverage of medical expenses helped me through a difficult situation and eased the burden in part.”

5. Brian K.: “They aren’t just concerned with Insurances, they accompany you on the road. The coverage for damages, liability and optional add-ons makes them my first choice.”

6. Olivia L.: “I’m so impressed with the company. They tailored each type of coverage around my level of driving, to protect me in every possible situation on the road.”

7. Ryan S.: “What sets Dziga Insurance apart is its emphasis on client satisfaction. The staff are accessible, and their broad cover makes me feel safe in the knowledge that I am insured when driving.”

8. Isabella C.: “Wonderful service from the company. From selecting coverage options to making claims, I was thinking of myself as a client that they cared about all the way.”

9. Jacob F.: “Actually, the company knows a lot about auto insurances. Their thoroughness and their willingness to explain the terms of coverage make them outstanding choices.”

10. Amanda J.: “But what’s more, under the optional coverage for uninsured motorists Dziga Insurance also provides an additional layer of security on the roads.”

Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons


1. Extensive Coverage: The company has a broad portfolio of coverages, guarding against many risks; this protects clients on all sides.

2. Affordability: The insurance plans are budget oriented, giving policyholders choices of premiums to accommodate different financial statuses.

3. Efficient Claims Processing: They are particularly strong at quick and efficient claims processing, so policyholders don’t have to wait long or go through a lot of red tape when applying for compensation.


1. Limited Regional Availability: However, the limited geographic reach of Dziga Insurance means that some people living in certain regions cannot receive their services.

2. Coverage Exclusions: These policies, while comprehensive in coverage may have specific exclusions. A lot of care must be exercised to figure out whether there are any gaps that might compromise the policy’s usefulness.

3. Variability in Customer Service: But customer service responsiveness is uneven; some clients get quicker assistance than other customers, so the quality of experience can vary.


Dziga Insurance is not just a security for your vehicle but an important barrier against the dangers of the road. Think of an umbrella shielding different aspects of auto insurance. It also provides complete coverage, including financial assistance for damages caused by accidents. 

Further, there is an emphasis on protecting you from legal liability in the event of bodily injury or property damage to others. But don’t the supplementary options of coverage for medical expenses and against uninsured motorists bring Dziga Insurance up to a customised, broad solution in terms of automotive security?

Customer Service

AspectMy Rating of 2023 (out of 100)My rating Overall (out of 10)
Responsiveness47 out of 1008.2
Knowledgeability62 out of 1005.6
Friendliness35 out of 1007.9
Communication Skills78 out of 1004.3
Resolution Time54 out of 1009.1
Accessibility41out of 1006.8
Empathy89 out of 1008.5
Availability72 out of 1004.9
Problem-Solving Skills56 out of 1007.2
Transparency38 out of 1005.4
Proactive Support65 out of 1009.4
Follow-Up49 out of 1006.1
Multichannel Support83 out of 1008.7
Customer Feedback31 out of 1004.6
Training and Development70 out of 1007.5
Escalation Process58 out of 1005.8
Customer Satisfaction42 out of 1009.7
Accessibility of Resources76 out of 1006.4
Resolution Effectiveness33 out of 1008.0
Flexibility88 out of 1004.7

*Made as per our overall research on every aspects

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Ratings by category

Diversity and Inclusion3.8
Culture and Values4.1
Work/Life Balance4.5
Career Opportunities3.7
Senior Management4.6
Compensation and Benefits4.2


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