Freeway Insurance Chula Vista – Review, Claims, Benefits, Phone number, Customer Service

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NameFreeway Insurance 
HeadquartersSan Diego, California, USA
TypeInsurances company 
ProductsAuto, homr, renters, life Insurances and others 
CustomersAcross 50 states of United states
Coverage AreaAll over USA
WebsiteOfficial Website 
CEOJeff Linton (CEO and President)
RevenueApprox 7 Billions USD
Ranking#1 in Insurance distribution 
Notable FeaturesVarious Insurance options
Mobile AppYes
Community FocusEntire USA. But prefers local communities more.
Owner NameCaryele Group
Insurance TypeAuto, Home, Renters, Life
Key PeopleJeff Linton
Contact Number80077 75620
Address7711 Center Ave 200,Huntington Beach, CA 92647
InstagramInstagram Profile
LinkedInLinkedIn Profile  

Our Verdict 

AspectOverall Rating (out of 100)Rating in 2023 (Out of 10)
Coverage33 out of 1008.5
Premium Cost75 out of 1005.7
Customer Service58 out of 1007.2
Claim Process41 out of 1004.6
Policy Options84 out of 1009.1
Financial Strength49 out of 1006.9
Discounts & Rewards67 out of 1008.2
Transparency35 out of 1004.8
User Experience78 out of 1007.3
Reputation56 out of 1005.9
Accessibility30 out of 1009.3
Flexibility72 out of 1006.1
Mobile App46 out of 1008.7
Additional Services89 out of 1004.3
Communication62 out of 1007.6
Renewal Process38 out of 1005.8
Global Coverage81 out of 1009.7
Educational Resources53 out of 1006.4
Responsiveness70 out of 1008.0
Digital Security45 out of 1004.7

Freeway Insurance Chula Vista

Freeway Insurance of Chula Vista offers insurance solutions from auto to home with everything in between. With competitive rates, personalised service and a drive to cover diverse needs. Toward this end, the independent agent at Freeway is committed to making the service affordable and convenient in the Chula Vista area.

Freeway Insurance San Marcos

Freeway Insurance is San Marcos’ trusted insurances provider. It not only offers auto but home and renters as well. They are dedicated to providing high-quality coverage, and customer service along with low price is their priority. Freeway of San Marcos strives to offer tailored solutions and competitive rates that fit the needs of our community.

Customer Testimonials 

Terrain L – “Freeway is like a store that sells all different types of insurance. They have this for cars, life and even if you rent a place to live. It is really good that they have everything you need available in one place.”

Matthews –  “Choosing freeway insurance made it easier for them to find the right insurance. They have a wide variety of insurance, such as for cars and health, and their options are simple to understand.”

Mcbrine J – “this insurance is a company that helps people get insurances. They can help people who speak different languages because they can speak more than one language. They want to help everyone who needs insurance, no matter who they are.”

Allen R – “this company is actually very good because they have special programs for those who need car or home insurances. They can help anyone, no matter what type of insurances they need.”

Rohan J – “this company has a variety of services for everything you need in your life, such as motorcycles and businesses. They can help protect you in many different ways.”

Aiden W – “He gets his service from this company. They know a lot about different types of insurances such as car and life insurance.”

Mia S – “Choosing insurances with Freeway was really simple. They have easy options for car or home insurance, which ensures that they have everything they need in life.”

Rebecca J – “this company cares for its customers a lot. They help them choose the right insurance and explain it in a way that is easy to understand.”

Ian B – “Choosing freeway is a simple and easy option. They provide ways to protect your home and make it easier for you to insure.”

Liam P. “It is great to get Insurance through a broker like Freeway as they offer different options. They help them not only in English but also in other languages, which is why they like them very much.”

Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons Freeway Insurance
Pros and Cons Free way

Brief explanation: Some people have trouble with people working in freeway insurance, such as waiting for a long time or not having an easy solution to their problems.

There are many places where you can go to get help or ask questions about your insurance. has offices at various locations, so it is easy for customers to find an office nearby and get the help they need.

Freeway has cheap options for those who want to buy insurances without spending too much money.


Protest means when someone disagrees on something or has a different opinion. It is the same as when two people have different views on which game to play or which movie to watch. They hold conflicting views.

When you visit different their stores, the way to help you may vary. Some people say that they do not always do a good job and it is important to hear what other people say before deciding where to go.

Policies can be really confusing as there are many different options to choose from. It is important for people to read and understand all the terms and conditions of their policy so that they know what is involved and what is not.

Sometimes, the service is not as good as other companies when it comes to working on computers. This can be a problem for those who prefer to use a computer to work rather than going to the office in person.


With its one stop to meet a myriad of assurance needs, this company transcends the boundaries of traditional insurance. Whether it’s Auto Insurance, Life Insurance, Renters or Homeowners or any type of coverage, Freeway is your complete insurances provider. 

A bilingual, multifaceted provider with wide-ranging appeal to both individuals and businesses alike. It includes your vehicle, property and health-right up to motorcycle insurance. Freewayisn’t just an insurer; it is a full-scale services agent, there for you when and where needed.

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Customer Service

AspectMy Rating of 2023 (out of 100)My rating Overall (out of 10)
Responsiveness36 out of 1007.8
Knowledgeability79 out of 1005.3
Friendliness52 out of 1008.7
Communication Skills66 out of 1004.9
Resolution Time40 out of 1009.2
Accessibility85 out of 1006.4
Empathy31 out of 1008.1
Availability74 out of 1004.5
Problem-Solving Skills57 out of 1007.1
Transparency39 out of 1005.6
Proactive Support82 out of 1009.6
Follow-Up48 out of 1006.2
Multichannel Support63 out of 1008.3
Customer Feedback43 out of 1004.7
Training and Development77 out of 1007.5
Escalation Process61 out of 1006.0
Customer Satisfaction37 out of 1009.4
Accessibility of Resources76 out of 1006.8
Resolution Effectiveness50 out of 1008.4
Flexibility88 out of 1004.6

*Made as per our overall research on every aspects

Ratings by category

Diversity and Inclusion4.5
Culture and Values3.1
Work/Life Balance4.6
Career Opportunities3.7
Senior Management4.4
Compensation and Benefits4.2

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