Ford Maverick Insurance Cost – Review, Claims, Benefits, Phone number, Customer Service

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NameFord Maverick 
Founded2021 (That’s when the car model came in the market) 
HeadquartersDearborn, Michigan, USA , 
TypeCompact pickup truck
ProductsAuto insurance 
CustomersTruck buyers
Coverage AreaWorking all over USA
CEOJim Farley
RankingHigh ranking in the truck seller
Notable FeaturesFlexible and advanced
Mobile AppFord Pass
Community FocusEntire USA.
Owner NameFord Motors
Insurance TypeAuto Insurance
Key PeopleKumar Galhotra, Hai Thai Tang, Jim Farley 
Email Contact page
AddressInsurance office unknown
Contact number 1-800-392-3673
InstagramInstagram Profile
LinkedInLinkedIn Profile  

Our Verdict 

AspectOverall Rating (out of 100)Rating in 2023 (Out of 10)
Coverage41 out of 1007.8
Premium Cost79 out of 1005.3
Customer Service55 out of 1008.7
Claim Process70 out of 1004.9
Policy Options44 out of 1009.2
Financial Strength88 out of 1006.4
Discounts & Rewards33 out of 1008.1
Transparency73 out of 1004.5
User Experience57 out of 1007.1
Reputation39 out of 1005.6
Accessibility82 out of 1009.6
Flexibility50 out of 1006.2
Mobile App66 out of 1008.3
Additional Services43 out of 1004.7
Communication77 out of 1007.5
Renewal Process61 out of 1006.0
Global Coverage38 out of 1009.4
Educational Resources76 out of 1006.8
Responsiveness49 out of 1008.4
Digital Security84 out of 1004.6

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Customer Testimonials 

1. Emily S.: Ford Maverick Insurance knows a lot about the real meaning of insurances for mobile vehicles. Thanks to their coverage, when I needed repairs it was all smooth sailing.

2. Joshua R.: The company was obviously a good choice. Their broad coverage for my vehicle, combined with their outstanding customer service, is what sets them apart from the rest.

3. Sophie M.: This company offers much more than traditional car insurance. Its focus on the special aspects of the Maverick means that you benefit from protection built to suit just your needs and budget.

4. Ethan K.: “This Ford Maverick Insurance impressed me. Its flexible coverage options fit my driving lifestyle.”

5. Ava H.: This is a rock solid companion on the open road. When it comes to coverage, they have me covered in every conceivable situation.

6. Liam T.:It is quick off the mark and clear communicators. Kudos to them for putting customer satisfaction first.

7. Olivia B.: The company is not just a case of coverage; it’s about understanding the unique requirements of human nature.

8. Connor M.: Choosing this company brings peace of mind. They offer comprehensive coverage and careful detail work.”

9. Emma L.: While there’s plenty of adventure in owning a Maverick, at least my truck is insured with Ford Maverick Insurance. Now that it’s covered, I can drive wherever the road takes me.

10. Jack P.: This company’s insurance is not just a company, it’s an assistance network for the owners and their full coverage comes with top customer service, which makes them my first choice.

Pros and Cons

Ford Maverick Insurance Cost Pros Cons
Ford Maverick Insurance – Pros and Cons


1. Affordable Premiums: Insurances for the Ford Maverick is usually not very expensive, so it’s a good choice for anyone looking to buy insurances who wants cheap coverage.

2. Fuel Efficiency Discounts: The Maverick being a fuel-efficient car, however, some insurers may offer discounts for environmentally friendly vehicles which could bring down the cost of it.

3. Wide Availability: Insurances for the Ford Maverick is sold everywhere, so owners can choose from different insurers and types of policy to find one which best suits their needs.


1. Parts Availability: Since the Ford Maverick is a newer model, finding replacement parts may affect repair costs and thus premiums, whereby coverage could be slightly higher than for more established models.

2. Insurances Rate Variability: Rates for the Ford Maverick’s coverage depend on things like your location, driving history and types of coverage you choose. You therefore have to shop around if you want good rates.

3. Model-Specific Factors: Insurances premiums are determined in consideration of factors related to the Ford Maverick model, which could ultimately affect insurances affordability for some people.


Ford Maverick Insurance fits the special nature of your active and adaptable vehicle. This company tailored to the unique features of Ford Maverick in particular and beyond ordinary auto coverage. Take a defensive umbrella which covers you both totally, becoming your Maverick such as it was designed to be. Liability protection takes centre stage, protecting against bodily injury or property damage to others. Ford Maverick Insurance is a specialised and reliable company for your adventurous journeys.

Customer Service

AspectMy Rating of 2023 (out of 100)My rating Overall (out of 10)
Responsiveness50 out of 1005.2
Knowledgeability68 out of 1008.1
Friendliness64 out of 1006.7
Communication Skills79 out of 1004.8
Resolution Time33 out of 1009.4
Accessibility77 out of 1007.5
Empathy42 out of 1005.9
Availability82 out of 1008.6
Problem-Solving Skills56 out of 1006.3
Transparency48 out of 1004.6
Proactive Support71 out of 1009.0
Follow-Up59 out of 1007.2
Multichannel Support75 out of 1005.5
Customer Feedback32 out of 1008.3
Training and Development86 out of 1006.0
Escalation Process50 out of 1004.7
Customer Satisfaction47 out of 1009.7
Accessibility of Resources85 out of 1007.9
Resolution Effectiveness58 out of 1005.4
Flexibility93 out of 1008.2

*Made as per our overall research on every aspects

Ratings by category

Diversity and Inclusion4.1
Culture and Values3.8
Work/Life Balance4.6
Career Opportunities3.7
Senior Management4.4
Compensation and Benefits4.2

Ford Maverick Insurance Cost

Ford Maverick Insurance cost affordability varies on background and person. Full coverage with medium coverages will cost you $60 per month. While, Adding a Maverick to an existing policy with another vehicle  will cost you around $115 per month.

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