Frontline Insurance – Review, Claims, Benefits, Phone number, Customer Service

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Overview – Frontline Insurance

HeadquartersLake Mary, Florida
Coverage AreaAround the country
CEOLanier Porter
Notable FeaturesFlexibility
Mobile AppNo
Community FocusAll Around the world focus
Owner NameNot available
Insurance TypeHome
Key PeopleLanier Porter
Contact Number18777445224
Address500 International Pkwy, Heathrow, FL 32746, USA

Our Verdict

AspectOverall Rating (out of 100)Rating in 2023 (Out of 10)
Premium Cost616.3
Customer Service583.8
Claim Process357.5
Policy Options857.4
Financial Strength488.8
Discounts & Rewards219.1
User Experience374.6
Mobile App214.9
Additional Services776.9
Renewal Process507.3
Global Coverage225.3
Educational Resources492.8
Digital Security422

Customer Testimonials

Rohan Sharma: For residential coverage, Frontline Insurance has been my first choice, and I am really pleased with their assistance. They handled my claim quickly when my roof was damaged by a storm, so I did not have to worry about paying for the repairs of my house.

Mark Adam : I made the right choice for my homeowners’ policy when I chose Frontlines Insurances. When I suffered water damage in my basement, they not only provided competitive pricing but also demonstrated their commitment. They surpassed my expectations and the claims process was easy.

Selena Albert: Frontline Insurance is genuinely aware of what homeowners require. They responded to my break-in with remarkable efficiency. They went above and above to help me through a trying time, from replacing the stolen goods to stepping up security.

Akram Khan: It has changed everything for me to have Frontlines Insurances for both my house and car. I got in a small automobile accident recently, and their claims team took care of everything well. Every interaction they have is a testament to their dedication to make their customer happy.

Matthew Albert: Frontline Insurance offers comfort in addition to protection. They responded promptly when a tree fell on my property after a storm, inflicting damage. They made sure my property was repaired as soon as possible, and the claims process was simple.

Ian Smith: Frontlines Insurances has exceptional customer service and is dependable. My home’s ruptured pipe was a difficult situation, but their claims service handled everything for me with efficiency and understanding. I value their initiative in taking the initiative to make their customer satisfied.

Ian Cook: Frontline Insurance is a partner who you can trust. I think on their company to keep my house safe. Their coverage is good. when I had a serious issue, they went above and beyond what I expected in terms of quick assistance and coverage. I trust them and believe that they gonna work good to keep my house secure.

Sheikh Razaq: Frontlines Insurances greatly eased the stress of a difficult circumstance. Their claims service was very proactive in moving the process forward quickly after my home was damaged by fire. It is really admirable how professional and concerned they are for their clients.

Melena Shely: I appreciate Frontlines Insurances for timely assistance when a hailstorm damaged my property. They made sure that repairs were completed quickly and the claims process was simple. What makes them different is their dedication to make their client happy.

Isac Tailor: Excellent service has always been provided by Frontline Insurance. Their claims service responded quickly when my basement was impacted by flooding in my neighbourhood. I think we cannot compare them in terms of their dedication. They assist homeowners in overcoming tough situations.

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Pros and Cons


  1. Customization: Policyholders can often customise their coverage to address particular needs, in a manner that provides personalised insurance protection.
  2. Comprehensive Coverage: In this regard, Frontline Insurance provides homeowners protection for their dwelling, assets and liability.
  3. Discounts: Home security systems, multiple policies, and claims-free history can lead to discounts at Frontline.


  1. Limited Availability: Accessibility could also be limited in one respect for the case of Frontline Insurance since it may not be available throughout all regions.
  2. Cost: Although it comes as a pro, customization can also increase costs for more rigorous coverage and often render this type of insurance unaffordable to some families.


Blue background with text: Features - Frontline Insurance Rating Downgrade

Claims Procedure: In order to assist policyholders in getting well soon after an occurrence, Frontline strives for a seamless and effective claims procedure.

Risk management: To assist homeowners in avoiding losses, the corporation could provide tools and advice.

Financial Stability: One of Frontline Insurance’s most important attributes is its financial stability, which gives policyholders faith in the company’s capacity to pay claims.

Next, let me know if you want information on another insurance provider or have specific queries about Frontline Insurance.

Customer Service

AspectMy Rating of 2023 (out of 100)My rating Overall (out of 10)
Communication Skills372.9
Resolution Time466.7
Problem-Solving Skills435.9
Proactive Support743.4
Multichannel Support788
Customer Feedback582.9
Training and Development656.8
Escalation Process966.6
Customer Satisfaction644.9
Accessibility of Resources503.9
Resolution Effectiveness644.2

Rating Category

Diversity and Inclusion6.7
Culture and Values7.5
Work/Life Balance2.5
Career Opportunities5.7
Senior Management2.9
Compensation and Benefits4.5


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