Gerber Life Insurance Commercial – Review, Claims, Benefits, Phone number, Customer Service

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Overview – Gerber Life Insurance

Coverage AreaGlobal
CEOScott Stinebrink (President & CEO)
Revenue$3.1 Billion (2022)
Employees1,500 (2022)
Notable FeaturesAffordable, funeral cover
Mobile AppYes
Community FocusLocal focus and charity partnerships
Owner NameFrank Gerber in 1907
Insurance TypeLife
Key PeopleScott Stinebrink (President & CEO), Bill McKenna (Chief Information Officer), Sara Murphy (Chief Marketing Officer),
Contact Number1-800-704-3331
Address445 State Street. Fremont, MI 49412

Our Verdict

AspectOverall Rating (out of 100)Rating in 2023 (Out of 10)
Premium Cost444.7
Customer Service348.6
Claim Process357.1
Policy Options415.6
Financial Strength902.4
Discounts & Rewards427.3
User Experience956
Mobile App648.1
Additional Services309.4
Renewal Process396.5
Global Coverage516
Educational Resources683.8
Digital Security785.5

Customer Testimonials 


My family and I will always appreciate our decision to purchase Gerber Life Insurance. Family-friendly insurances are offered, and when I had to file a claim because of a medical emergency, their prompt processing and kind attitude helped to ease the burden of what could have been a trying time.

2: Gerbers Life Insurances offers comfort as well as monetary stability. Their coverage was really helpful in reducing the cost of the medical operation my child needed. Their dedication to families is good.

3: Gerber Life Insurance provided my family and I with the ideal coverage at this time of transition. My spouse’s insurances not only paid for the necessary medical care but also offered assistance and direction during their health scare.


My family’s future has been secured by Gerbers Insurances, a dependable partner. Although grieving the untimely death of a loved one is never easy, their attentive handling of the claims procedure and the assistance they offered showed how dedicated they were to their policyholders.

5: I have had Gerber Life Insurance for a number of years, and I can say that they have the best customer service around. Their staff was not only helpful but also sympathetic when I needed to file a claim for a serious illness. What distinguishes them is their emphasis on policyholder welfare.

6: Gerbers Life Insurances is aware of the particular requirements that families have. Their coverage exceeded my expectations when my youngster required specialized medical attention. The monetary support and psychological aid they give.


Gerber is more than just a insurance. It provides parents life insurances without any tension. Their coverage came in handy when my family’s medical bills went unanticipated. Their customer service crew was outstanding, and the claims process was simple.

8: Gerbers Life Insurances is customer-centric approach is much appreciated. The people were helpful in passing my claim after a surgery. They also did work to make sure everything was handled well. Knowing that they put their policyholders first is comforting.

9: My family has had Gerber Life Insurance support during good times and bad. A family member’s assurance coverage supplied the vital financial help when they needed in long term care. Their dedication to raising a family is shown when we meet them.


Gerbers Life Insurances keeps its word to provide assistance and protection. My spouse died suddenly, and their kind claims team handled the process very sensitively. I appreciate that one important thing they did for me. They helped me during my tough time when I was struggling financially and emotionally.

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Pros and Cons


  1. Guaranteed Life Assurance: Gerber has guaranteed acceptance life insurances policies that usually guarantee acceptance without a medical exam for people with health problems.
  2. Whole Life Insurance Options: The death benefit is available with whole life products provided by Gerber that have cash value components accumulating over time.
  3. Coverage for Children: It is Gerber that offers life insurances for children, helping parents to protect their future through special plans offered by the company.


  1. Cost: Life insurances that covers the entire lifetime usually costs more than term life, which means Gerber’s policies can have a higher cost of premium.
  2. Limited Coverage Options: Gerber is a specialist in life insurance, so you may need to look elsewhere if your requirements include a wider variety of other types of insurances policies.
  3. Age Restrictions: There are age limits for some Gerber life insurance policies, which deny a number of products.


Blue background with text: Features - Gerber Life Insurance Commercial
  1. Child Rider Option: Gerber provides a child rider, through which parents can cover their children by adding them to the life insurance policy.
  2. Cash Value Growth: As the whole life policies from Gerber grow interest over time, policyholders can either borrow out of that growth or spend it on whatever they want.
  3. Final Expense Coverage: It is usually promoted as the so-called final expense insurances, designed to cover funeral and burial expenses.

Customer Service

AspectMy Rating of 2023 (out of 100)My rating Overall (out of 10)
Communication Skills353.2
Resolution Time713.4
Problem-Solving Skills738.7
Proactive Support923.5
Multichannel Support377
Customer Feedback409.1
Training and Development539.3
Escalation Process243.3
Customer Satisfaction482.4
Accessibility of Resources844
Resolution Effectiveness579.2

Rating Category

Diversity and Inclusion5.3
Culture and Values7.8
Work/Life Balance8.8
Career Opportunities6.3
Senior Management9.3
Compensation and Benefits8.1


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